Today’s reality is outdated by the time you wake up the next morning. Change is becoming omnipresent and times are more and more unpredictable. Adaptability to new situations with an open mindset have become vitally important. Organisational culture has become the strongest differentiator for employees and organisations and can act as an accelerator to transformation and growth.

Culture is the glue which connects purpose, strategy and people. It affects the entire organisation and every team member, providing clarity and direction internally to the organisation, while shining strongly to the outside world.

We should be asking – How do we take the entire organisation on the culture journey and win the hearts of every single employee to successfully own and execute the strategy – today and in the future!

Culture is shaping an environment where JustBeLikeUrself is embraced and live.

Jörg - Culture Futurist

Act from the Future.

Establishing a strong and unique cultural DNA boosts an organisation’s point of differentiation and competitive advantage, especially in today’s digital age. Developing meaningful strategies and plans from the future will accelerate action and ensure all employees own and execute on these strategies. 

jblu --- JustBeLikeUrself

Culture affects everyone and every in an organization has a role to play. Authentic, genuine, transparent communication and a barrier-free flow of information are becoming the currency of strong organisational cultures.

Clarity & Commitment

"It all starts with me?"

Trust & Openness

What is my contribution and what support do I need?


What is my bold commitment?


What would I do, if I would not be scared to fail?

Jörg --- Culture Futurist

With over 20+ years of international human resources senior executive and consulting experience in Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Germany and Japan, partners and customers see my „JustBeLikeUrself“ mindset and undramatic bias for actions as my key assets.

Until 2020, I was responsible for designing, implementing and orchestrating the culture journey and digital transformation of Coca-Cola European Partners, the biggest independent Coke bottler in Western Europe (Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, France, Benelux, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Germany). During this time, I realized the impact I could have in leading, coaching and supporting other organizations to do the same.

In 2020 I launched jblu consult to do just that – and have since supported organizations of all shapes and size, from digital start-ups to international corporations, design their culture roadmaps, set meaningful strategies and execute on their gameplans.
I love to drive the „humanization“ of digital transformations.


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